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Wash & Protect 2X Professional


The Bissell Wash & Protect Professional 1.5 litres of formula with a super tough formula comes in a 2X concentration so it is the same as 2 bottles of standard formula and it is designed to be used in carpet washing machines (deep cleaners) just remember to add an equal quantity of water with the formula. This formula is combined with Scotchgard technology to repel dirt. This product performs really well and it can be used in all Bissell, Henry (Numatic) Vax, Nilco and Thomas deep cleaners. rating
Wash & Protect 2X Professional
FormatCarpet Shampoo
Weight1.50 kg
Carpet Washyes
Hard Floorno
Dirt Capacity1.5 litres
ExtrasCarpet washing formula to be used in deep cleaners, super tough formula. Has Scotchgard dirt protection and is a concentrate so add an equal quantity of tap water to dilute.