About whatvacuum.com's 'Mr Clean'

Charles Gordon

Some call me 'The Stig' of the carpet cleaning and vacuuming world!

"With 20+ years' experience working in the vacuum cleaner and carpet care market, I suppose I am in a way like Top Gear's expert test driver."
Charles Gordon,
whatvacuum.com's founder and 'all things clean' guru

But, my expertise is of everything in the world of vacuums, carpet and floor cleaning - and I don't wear a helmet and jump-suit like him, nor drive as fast (honest!). Though, in my time, I've certainly put a few cleaning machines through their paces on how they perform - and as whatvacuum.com shows - we're highlighting how some cope with a few 'laps' on whatvacuum.com's rigorous 'test track'


I'm passionate about all things cleaning related - keeping our homes clean is something affecting us all. That's why I've set up whatvacuum.com - to share the experience and know-how I've gained from many years working with some of the biggest brands around in selling and marketing products in the floorcare and retail markets.


So, I know what makes for a great - and not so great - vacuum cleaner or carpet care appliance.

Previously as commercial director and international sales director with BISSELL - a company with 130+ years' heritage in making vacuum cleaners and deep cleaners (carpet washers) - I've learned a great deal about what's right for consumers in keeping carpets and floors clean at home. While, as group marketing director at Hoover - among the greatest names in vacuum cleaner makers - I also picked up a vast amount of knowledge.

When you're successfully launching innovations onto the floorcare scene - in the UK, across Europe and worldwide - you have to know what works and what doesn't, what people want and need from a cleaning appliance... that's what whatvacuum.com is all about.

Charles Gordon