Getting Ever Greener

With all the talk of climate change, global warming, carbon footprints, our more energy-aware world is striving for an ever 'greener' energy-efficient environment. Manufacturers of floorcare machines and cleaning formula solutions are playing their part in producing appliances with true green/eco credentials. Many are very conscious of the impact on the environment (e.g. landfill issues) and have led the way in developing truly sustainable products made from recycled materials. By identifying and implementing sustainability strategies consistent with overall key business objectives, their aim is to reduce impact on the global environment by focusing on packaging, engineering, chemicals, facilities, supply chain/logistics and communications. They can't all become green overnight, but it's great that serious efforts are being made to become greener through realistic, yet ambitious, goals to make that happen. urges consumers to seek out those manufacturers and retailers offering energy-efficient, 'green' appliances and cleaning formulae. Particularly those with family, pet, eco-conscious considerations. Or the growing number of people with allergies - HEPA filtration and allergy related appliances and formulae meet this need.