Energy Labels

Energy consumption and the performance of a vacuum cleaner will be provided for new models of vacuum cleaners which have an electric cord from the 1 September 2014.

Vacuum cleaners that are battery powered, steam cleaners, water filtration vacuum cleaners , wet and dry and carpet washers will not be providing this information until measurement criteria have been established.

The energy label is a great idea as it will give you an unbiased and independent assessment of the performance of the cleaner set to a common standard. In truth the amount of energy a vacuum cleaner would use at home is not significant but you do also get ratings for how effective the cleaner is at cleaning carpets, hard floors and the rating for emissions . You also are provided with the noise measurement and how much energy the unit would use in a year according to the standards set.

This is a major leap forward for a consumer to make an effective comparison between the different products in a market which has been blurred by claims and counter claim on performance by the main manufacturers.

If a product has straight A's then this will be a very strong indication that it will perform well. Please do take into consideration a few tips . The weight of the cleaner can still be an issue for you and if you have a house with wall to wall carpet almost everywhere then a low score on hard floor pickup will not be a problem for you . If you have the reverse, wide areas of hard flooring then naturally the carpet performance is not a concern.