Head To Head

Head to Head Dyson DC28 verses Samsung CycloneForce Eco

We have chosen a popular 2 litre capacity bagless cylinder the Dyson DC28 and put it Head to Head against the new Samsung CycloneForce Eco. We have used the Manufactures own published data and information from the energy label for both products.

Power and Performance

What cleaner is the most powerful? The Samsung claims 370 Air Watts and the Dyson 259 Air watts, bigger the number is usually better but if you look at the energy labels the DC28 claims a hard floor cleaning performance of A and carpet performance of A compared to C and C on the Samsung. The Dyson noise level is 77db compared with 79db for the Samsung despite having lower air watts. 3 A’s gives the Heads Up to Dyson.


The Samsung weighs 5kg and the Dyson 7.3kg, please note the absolute weight is important for taking the product up and down stairs. Both cleaners have similar carrying positions. Heads Up Samsung.

Ease Of Use

Both Brands make special claims on the ease of moving the product. The Dyson pivots easily on the ball and the Samsung uses 2 large wheels at the back for easy traction. Both cleaners have the weight of the motor at the back of the cleaner, which makes it easier to move about. Heads Up Dyson.

Dust Collection and Disposal

Dyson use Radial Root technology to separate the dirt and Samsung Cyclonic Force. Both products claim ease of emptying by a push of the button. Both have A ratings for dust emissions. Heads up Dyson as their system is more established.

The Tools

The Dyson has a stylish extension tube and Dual mode floor tool, a stair tool and a combination tool of crevice and brush which are good at saving space but a little bit small. The Samsung has more traditional extension tubes but has remote control to vary the power and uses a floor nozzle they call the Extreme Force Brush, they also use a combination tool with a crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture tool, these are also too small and not man enough for the job. Heads Up Samsung for the remote control on the handle.

Overall Verdict

Both cleaners are not cheap and you should check the best deal of the day but overall we would recommend the Dyson DC28.