Get Petting!

If you have problems with pet hairs you are not alone, one in two households owns a pet, so 14 million pet owners have difficulty removing embedded pet hairs from carpets, upholstery and large chunks of pet hair floating around hard floors.

What is the right vacuum cleaner to tackle the problem of removing pet hairs? It is certainly one of the toughest tasks for a vacuum cleaner. Many vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer extensive portfolios of pet-cleaning specific products - machines and pet related cleaning formulae, all readily available. There's an armory of cleaning machines designed to remove tricky pet hair from carpets, rugs and upholstery and these products are evaluated by, but there are a few simple tips we advise.

If your house has a large area of wall-to-wall carpets then we strongly recommend an upright cleaner. Look at the vacuums, which have a powerful brush action to groom the carpets and pick up those, stubborn pet hairs. Upright vacuums are also a quicker way to vacuum your carpets and pick up the pet hair, have a look at the Dyson DC25i, Sebo X4 Pet and the Vax Air Pet.

If you have large areas of hard floor with rugs then a cylinder cleaner will be much easier to use on hard floors as upright cleaners really don’t work that well on hard floors. Look for the tools that come with the vacuum, there are a wide selection of pet cylinder cleaners with turbo tools such as Miele Cat & Dog, Dyson DC54i Animal and also electric power heads which will perform as well as an upright cleaner on carpets but also offer you the option on cleaning hard floors by changing the nozzle. We recommend the Bosch Power.

One of the biggest problems our customers have told us is that their pet is moulting so much that it clogs the cleaner after a few uses. If you buy a bagged cleaner you have the benefit of capturing pet hairs into the bag, which can be easily disposed into the bin but you will need to buy a large number of paper bags at a cost.

If you buy a bagless cleaner, there are no bags to buy but the dust containers are small and you must regularly empty the bin or the hairs soon block in the filtration cones and are very difficult to access and clean.

A popular trend from Europe and new to the UK are the water based products that use a process of water filtration, just add water and then after vacuuming pour away the debris down the toilet or drain. Have a look at the Bora 4000 which produces a good suction and contains the pet hair and dust in the water. Another pet vacuum cleaner using water filtration we recommend is Thomas Pet & Family no bags to buy and you can also wash carpets, hard floors and upholstery.