Power To Your Elbow!

Often whatvacuum.com is asked: "Tell me which vacuum cleaner is the most powerful?". This is where we go into a spin! When it comes to a machine's power, manufacturers don't have a common language on what power is. Some talk about '100% suction, 100% of the time' or 'no loss of suction', whilst others enthuse about 'air watts' - but then have difficulty in telling you what this actually means!

We now have some really helpful measures on performance thanks to the recently introduced Energy labels for vacuum cleaners. You need to look at the performance criteria. If you get an A in carpet performance, A in Hard floors and A in low emissions then you have a powerful performing vacuum cleaner, there is still a bit of settling down required in the testing procedure as two leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers Dyson and Bosch have recently been in litigation over false claims by Dyson last autumn and questions to Bosch’s testing method on the band wagon of the VW scandal. 1600 watts is the maximum allowed under the Energy label and this will drop to 900 watts in 2017. Most vacuum cleaner manufacturers have significantly reduced the wattage of their motors are now made to less than 1,000 and down to 650, however there are some cleaners that don’t fit the energy label tests in particular those that use water filtration and rechargeable batteries. This has resulted in Thomas a German made product having more Power 1700W than all leading traditional vacuum cleaners including, Dyson, Bosch, Vax , Miele and Hoover.Please see Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure

Energy Labels

Whatvacuum recommend that there is more help at hand with the Energy Label which gives ratings from A to G, the amount of energy a vacuum cleaner would use at home is not significant but you do also get ratings for how effective the cleaner is at cleaning carpets, hard floors and the rating for emissions. If you get 4 A’s then there must be something interesting about the product because performance is a very effective way to look at Power.