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S 4812 Hybrid

S 4812

Miele cylinder vacuums are designed to get the best out of a bagged system, using superior materials, a range of high class filters and the disposal of the dirt is a much cleaner process. You will need to regularly buy the replacement bags and filters. The Miele S4 Compact range has reduced the size of the cleaner for easier storage but has a smaller 3.5 litre bag. We think this product range still has the main features of the larger S5 range but if you have large areas to clean best go for the S5 range. Shame the 3 tools are stored on a clip on the handle rather than inside the cleaner. The Miele S4812 Hybrid can use battery power or mains power via the cord. It has a Lithium-ion battery which lets you walk up stairs and out to the car without using the mains cord. Nice idea but costs around 500 pounds and weighs 1.6kg more. rating
S 4812 Hybrid
Bagged / BaglessBagged
Weight8.10 kg
Power1800 watts
Electric Turbono
Variable PowerRotary dial
Traction2 wheels
Pet / AllergyAirClean
Turbo Nozzleno
No. of Tools3
Extension TubesTelescopic stainless steel
Hose Length2.5 m
Reach9 m
Cord Rewindyes
Cord Length5.5 m
Dirt Capacity3.5 litres
ExtrasOption of main electricity or lithium-ion battery