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X4 Pet


SEBO have a range of tried and tested upright vacuums that are made in Germany. SEBO have not moved into the bagless arena and rely on a quality 5.3litre vacuum bag, a pre motor filter and an S Class exhaust filter to remove allergens and very fine particles, we like the way the bag is sealed and can be easily dropped into the bin. The styling has not moved with the times and has a semi commercial look about it but look out for the business end of the machine - the foot. All the X range uprights have height selectors that are programmed to adjust to the height of the carpet and if the rollers catch on a carpet thread then the cleaner will automatically turn off. The cleaner also turns itself off when the bag is full. The SEBO X4 PET adds a stair and upholstery turbo nozzle and an Activated carbon odour filter to catch the pet hair smells. If you have pets this is a great cleaner as cleaning the foot brush is so simple. rating
X4 Pet
Bagged / BaglessBagged
Weight7.30 kg
Power1300 watts
Electric Turbono
Variable Powerno
Traction2 wheels
Pet / AllergyS-Class
Turbo Nozzleno
No. of Tools2
Extension TubesWand
Hose Length1 m
Reach11 m
Cord Rewindno
Cord Length9 m
Dirt Capacity5.3 litres
ExtrasComputer automatic upright height selection + Pet turbo