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UltraCaptic Animal


Great to see real innovation in vacuum cleaners, the AEG UltraCaptic Animal not only gives you powerful cleaning, and HEPA 13 filtration but is really well made and easy to use. The product has well designed extension tubes and handle, a stylish AeroPro Silent turbo nozzle ideal for picking up pet hairs. The real innovation is Compact & Go, you compact the dust before emptying, whatvacuum really like way the dust, hair and other items vacuumed up by the cleaner can be compressed using a handle so that you have more space to carry on cleaning. When you empty the cleaner the debris is compacted into disks which hold their shape on disposal to help avoid dust being released in the air. rating
UltraCaptic Animal
Bagged / BaglessBagless
Weight10.00 kg
Power140 watts
Electric TurboYes
Variable PowerYes
No. of Tools4
Hose Length1.5 m
Reach10 m
Cord RewindAutomatic
Cord Length7 m
Dirt Capacity1.8 litres
FiltrationHEPA 13