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Pro Series - Improved Motor & Tools


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The MetroVac garage Pro series Toner MDV-3TAV vacuum cleaner is a very unusual Amercian made compact vacuum cleaner which is very powerful, has high suction and is very easy to move around as it only weights 5 kg. The retro Classic Black metal canister has a high efficiency motor using a straight flow design for dust going into the cleaner, being deposited in the bag and clean air exiting the cleaner all in one line. We really liked the portability of the cleaner which comes with a shoulder strap or just use the simple to grasp handle or wheel it around like a normal cylinder vacuum cleaner. This product is sold to consumers in the USA as a garage vacuum because it has a reversible 200 mph air blower, which can be used to sweep up garages, workshops, pathways and inflates inflatable beds to kids paddling pools and can be used after a car wash to blow finish the water droplets off the paint work. The Toner model has a more powerful motor than the MDV-2TAV and has a kitbag where it can be stored along with a very extensive list of cleaning tools which will suck up dust from computer key boards to hard floors. This model also has a re-usable cloth filter bag. rating
Pro Series - Improved Motor & Tools
FormatGarage Vacuums
Bagged / BaglessBagged
Weight3.70 kg
Variable PowerYes
Traction4 Fixed Axle Wheels
No. of Tools3
Extension Tubes2 x 0.5 Metre Tubes
Hose Length0.5 Metre m
Cord RewindManual
Cord Length1.8 m
ExtrasTools Included Are: Dusting Brush, Air Pin Pointer, Shoulder Strap,Pik-All Nozzle, Powerizer, Air Maximizer, Crevice Tool w/brush insert, Dusting Brush, Air Pin Pointer, Shoulder Strap