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CentraClean 1400W

ZA 14-201

Central Vacuum Cleaners are arguably the ultimate way to vacuum your house. These systems have a powerful vacuum cleaner, which can be placed in a utility room, basement, garage or under the stairs depending on your house. All you need to do is plug the hose into a number of special wall sockets and vacuum up the dust and dirt and this is then transported through pipes in your wall cavities along to the powerful vacuum where the dirt is deposited. The beauty of this system is that it is very powerful, very light and easy to use, so no carrying heavy vacuums up the stairs. You do not have to empty the dust cup or change the bag regularly as the capacity of these cleaners is very high and the exhaust air can be blown outside the house making it ideal for asthma sufferers. The Thomas ZA 14-201 has a dirt capacity of 20 litres, we recommended this model for small houses with a floor area of 200 square metres and uses a maximum of 8 wall sockets to attach the hose. This model has a 1400 watt motor and generates 495 air watts. The Thomas models use radio control to turn the power on or off which can work through 3 floor levels. For more information on how to fit a Thomas Central Vacuum Cleaner and check which is the best system for you then please contact rating
CentraClean 1400W
FormatCentral Vacuums
Bagged / BaglessBagless
Weight12.10 kg
Power1400 watts
TractionJust Hose & Tools
Turbo NozzleYes
No. of Tools4
Extension TubesMetal Telescopic Tubes
Hose Length60 m
Reach62 m
Dirt Capacity20 litres
ExtrasCan be used with any Thomas vacuum accessories