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Perfect Air Animal Pure 1700W Powerful Vacuum


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Thomas Perfect Air Animal Pure has more power than any other traditional vacuum cleaner. The reason why the Thomas Perfect Air range has more power is that it uses water as the filtration process and this puts the product outside the Energy label legislation and has a wattage of 1700W. The New Thomas Perfect Air Animal Pure is a bagless vacuum cleaner that uses water as the main way to filter fine dust and dirt from the dirty air picked up by the powerful 1700 watt cleaner. Thomas are refining the method of using water as the natural way to trap fine dust particles and dampen down pet hairs which can get stuck in the system on traditional bagless vacuums, just flush the residue down the loo or even put it on the compost, no bags to buy and no dust in your face when you empty the Aqua Pure filter box. This product comes with a turbo power nozzle to pick up pet hairs and also has a radio control on off and variable power setting on the handle which is really useful for quick changes in power levels moving from hard floor to carpets. After vacuuming the air is also humidified leaving the room smelling clean and fresh with no pet smells. The product is made in Germany. Delivery 5 working days. rating
Perfect Air Animal Pure 1700W Powerful VacuumTop Deal

The Thomas Perfect Air Animal Pure is bagless but uses a different form of dust retention with water as the main filter. Just add one litre of tap water and empty the residue down the loo or a drain, no dust in your face or on your hands and you trap even more bugs and allergens in the solution. Thomas even claim that 100% of pollen is trapped in the system. As water is used as the filter, when you empty the Aqua Pure Filter box every time after you vacuum, you will get a fresh smell in the room, the vacuuming process dampens down the dust. The Thomas Perfect Air Animal Pure is also one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners, it is refreshingly different, because pet hair, dirt and even smelly particles are trapped in the water and poured away dust and odour-free. This product is selling really well in Germany and is now available in the UK.

Bagged / BaglessWater Filtration
Weight7.00 kg
Power1700 watts
Variable PowerYes
TractionEasy Drive Castors
Pet / AllergyYes
Turbo NozzleYes
No. of Tools3
Extension TubesTelescopic Steel Tube
Hose Length1.5 m
Reach11 m
Cord RewindAutomatic Rewind
Cord Length8 m
FiltrationHEPA 13 & AQUA+ Box