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If you have a large area of quality fitted carpets and want to maintain them in the best possible condition, then the range of Sebo uprights are the best vacuums on the market. The Sebo X7 eco power is a well made sturdy upright vacuum cleaner with 890 watts, a proper belt driven brush ideal for grooming and picking up deep down dirt in your carpet. The foot of the cleaner has a sensor that automatically adjust the height of the brushes to ensure you no not damage your carpet or hard floor. The brushes are easily removed in a cassette type mechanism on the foot of the cleaner if you want to remove any stray hairs or obstacles. This cleaner has a massive 5.3 litre bag which will last you for some time before disposal. The crevice tool and upholstery brush are solid well made and stored on the back of the cleaner where you can reach them. This is a great upright which performs really well but it is heavy at 7.4kg but out performs most of the light weights. rating

We tested the Sebo X7 ePower in a large house with extensive wall to wall carpets as well as hard floors, the carpets had previously been cleaned by a popular tank cleaner. You notice the difference straight away, this traditional upright cleaner with its belt powered brush really picks up dirt and hair. The head of the cleaner has been well designed with an automatic height adjustment to go from hard floors to carpet without the need to press buttons or click levers and this will protect your carpet from accidental damage. Another great feature is the quick release cassette that holds the rotating brush, this is really easy to use and access the brush so that you can pick off the hairs and release objects like coins etc. The Sebo X7 ePower works ok on hard floors but is heavy so not easy to move about compared to cylinder, tank or cordless stick products. The X7 ePower has a proper crevice tool and upholstery brush stored on the back of the cleaner which you can attach to the wand to do stair cleaning and furniture. The hose length is a bit limiting but you can buy extensions. This product uses bags and yes you need to buy them, they are however very large at 5.3 litres and will last a good time and trap the dirt, hair and other nasties in the bag. The bags are easily removed and provide a clean way to dispose of the dirt. Sebo are endorsed and recommended by the major brands in the carpet industry and for a good reason as the Sebo upright range is one of the best ways to care for good quality carpets. In summary, we highly recommend the Sebo X7 ePower upright vacuum as an excellent way to clean large areas of carpet.

Bagged / BaglessBagged
Weight7.40 kg
Power890 watts
Electric TurboYes
TractionAutomatic traction
Turbo NozzleBelt brush
No. of Tools2
Extension Tubes1
Hose Length1 m
Reach11 m
Cord Length10 m
Dirt Capacity5.3 litres
FiltrationS Class anti allergen
ExtrasComputer sensor height adjustment Energy C Carpets D Filtration A noise 80 dB 5 Year Guarantee