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Robot vacuum cleaners are starting to catch on in the UK, in Europe they are very popular but UK consumers have had doubts about how effect and efficient they are. We think robots work as long as you treat them well, the upside of a robot is it will maintain your hard floors and carpets stopping the build up of dust and hairs and nasty germs, however you will need to empty the small bins every day or so and make sure there are no electric cords and other items in the cleaning area that might snag the cleaner. The Severin RB7025 Robotic cleaner has many features similar to the top brands, it recognises stairs to stop it falling down, multi stage programs, goes under low furniture, up to 90 minutes usage time and 2 flicking brushes to clean edges. This particular model does not have grooming brushes so it will not perform well on medium and long hair carpets as it is a suction cleaner only, but if you have hard floors and are prepared to empty the little bin regularly, you can get your own little helper for an affordable price. rating
Bagged / BaglessBagless
Weight1.50 kg
Traction2 wheels
ReachRobot m
Dirt Capacity.5 litres
Extras90 minute usage time, lithium battery and recharger, 7 cm high, 65dB