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Big Henry


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Big Henry, bigger than the standard Henry this tank cleaner has a 9 litre capacity compared with 6 litres. This tank cleaner is robust and well proven with a loyal following of owners and now has a eco feature where the cleaner starts on lower power and you can override it with a red switch to increase the power for harder tasks, the tank cleaner has a high capacity 9 litre bag and a large selection of tools and metal extension tubes and the facility to store them on the cleaner. What we particularly liked about Big Henry is the simple handle activated cord rewind and cable plug in, similar to a kettle, which means you can replace the whole cable if you damage it, by simply plugging in a new one. rating
Big Henry
Bagged / BaglessBagless
Weight6.30 kg
Power620 watts
Variable PowerEco and Max
Traction2 large back to small front
No. of Tools3
Extension Tubes3
Hose Length1 m
Reach14.5 m
Cord RewindManual rewind
Cord Length12.5 m
Dirt Capacity9 litres
ExtrasAS1 kit includes 3 tools on board plus 3 metal extension tubes, easy replace electric cord, large 9 litre bag, A energy, C carpet, C hard floor and C filtration noise 70 dB.