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DryBox Amfibia 1700W


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Thomas claim that the Amfibia is the worlds first vacuum cleaner, with cyclonic dust collection, Aqua cleaning and Washes Carpets and Hard Floors All In One Cleaner. The answer is it is, amazingly Thomas have managed to create a vacuum cleaner which functions like any other quality German made cylinder vacuum cleaner using a DryBox with cyclones in it, to empty simply point to the bin, but they also provide a separate AquaBox so you take out the DryBox and put in the AquaBox fill it with 1 litre of water and you have a vacuum cleaner that traps dust and hairs in the water leaving the room smelling fresh after use. Keeping the AquaBox in and adding the spray nozzle kit you can then change the cleaner into a very effective hard floor cleaner, carpet shampooer and also have a cleaner that will wash the inside of a car. Also the product is very powerful 1700W almost 3 times the average power of a standard vacuum cleaner. This model is sold with a plug adapter. rating
DryBox Amfibia 1700WTop Deal

The Dry Box Amfibia is a vacuum cleaner which can be easily changed from everyday dry pickup by changing the box in the middle of the cleaner. Thomas produce the product with 2 different boxes the DryBox with cyclonic dust separation for every day use and then another box called the AquaBox, by adding 1 litre of water into this box the cleaner is transformed to a cleaner that will trap fine dust, debris and pet hairs in the water leaving the room smelling fresh. The cleaner also can be changed to a carpet washer, hard floor cleaner, car interior washer by simply adding the wash kit to the cleaner. You will end up needing to store the additional filter box, and extra tools but this product does the work of at least 3 different types of cleaners. The product is also very powerful with 1700W. If you have a home which needs a thorough clean then we recommend this cleaner as it gives you the best of all worlds.

Bagged / BaglessBagless
Weight8.30 kg
Power1700 watts
No. of Tanks2
Stair Cleaningyes
Carpet Washyes
Hard Flooryes
No. of Tools6
Hose Length1 m
Reach11 m
Cord Rewindyes
Cord Length8 m
Dirt Capacity1.8 litres
Clean Capacity1.8 litres
Washable Filters3
Cleaning Widthwide cm
ExtrasDryBox cyclonic vacuum cleaning, AquaBox water filtration to trap dust hairs, washes hard floors, carpets car interiors, comes with parquet floor wash nozzle.