What's New in Vacuum Cleaners?

Below are the latest reviews by Charles Gordon of the vacuum cleaner market. You can also access individual product reviews.

The UK vacuum cleaner market has a large number of famous brands selling a wide variety of vacuums. Whatvacuum.com gives you a brief review of the main brands and some of the key products to look out for and a few you might think twice about. For in depth individual model reviews please click individual product reviews.

Manufacturers reviewed in alphabetical order.


More famous for their cooking range in the UK AEG do have a quality range of cylinder and now upright vacuums following the integration of the Electrolux brand. Their top end model is a great alternative to brands like Dyson and Miele, the Ultra Captic Animal the compact and go system compresses dust before emptying, this reduces the amount of dust released on emptying the bin .


Bissell’s heritage comes from sweepers; your granny would have had one! But they now have a wide range of vacuum cleaner and carpet washers (deep cleaning). Some of the upright vacuum cleaners can be a bit noisy so please look at the individual product reviews, one of the products we particularly like is the Quickwash and we really like the new innovative Clean View Lift Off 22K7E.


Famous for their drills, dishwashers and laundry products, Bosch do have a quality range of cylinder vacuums, look out for the Bosch Silence a Which? Best Buy, also the Athlet is a very popular product, as seen on TV. The Athlet is one of the best cordless uprights on the market right now, with an extra long 60 minute run time and fast charge meaning you can spend more time cleaning and less time charging.


Bora is part of the rapidly expanding Senur group which manufacture in Istanbul Turkey. These high quality products are made to the top European standards and have sold particularly well in Germany, France and mainland Europe. whatvacuum recommends 2 products from the Arnica range which provide excellent solutions to every day problems. Merlin 2 in 1 is powerful very easy to use but is very light and can easily move around the house. The latest trend in vacuuming coming from mainland Europe is Water Filtration which traps house dust, mites, pollen and other allergens efficiently in the water, if you want to reduce reactions to Allergies at home have a look at Bora 4000


An innovative brand run and owned by a household name. All of the Dyson upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners use ball engineering, with most of the heavy components like the motor being stored in the ball, this reduces the clutter and can help in steering the product. whatvacuum would like to point out a couple of tips, please make sure you get the product size right for your cleaning needs, if you have a large house to clean don’t buy the little uprights and cylinders they might look cute but you will be emptying the bin every few minutes. The reverse is true for vacuuming smaller rooms; the small cleaners are easy to move about and are not heavy to lift up stairs. As the pioneer of bagless cleaners the Dyson range took away the problem of finding bags but the filters needed cleaning or replacing. They have now introduced Dyson Cinetic with 54 cyclones with high frequency oscillating tips that vibrate, Dyson claims this prevents the cyclone aperture from clogging and means no filter maintenance is required, whatvacuum recommends theDC54 and also the DC35 hand held is worth looking at if you want a light, easy to store, quick way to vacuum stairs, car interiors and small areas.


One of the first vacuum cleaners sold in the UK and a great innovator have now adopted the AEG brand.


The term “hovering” is used every day for the oldest vacuum cleaner brand. Hoover still make some good products, if you want a bagged product then the PurePower range is powerful and light to move around PU2118 is worth looking at.

I Robot

I Robot Roomba have pioneered the robot vacuum cleaner, the technology used in these products is very innovative, they have sensors which prevent them from falling down stairs, and they go back to their base *to be charged up. Great if you have a small area like a flat where you want a quick clean going on when you are at work, but not good at heavy duty cleaning. We like the Roomba 770.


A quality German brand well known for their kitchen appliances and vacuums. Miele have stayed with the paper bag and don’t make a bagless cleaner, they claim the bag has better filtration properties and you don’t have to touch the dust when you dispose it. They now make a range of upright vacuums which are well engineered but are very large and built for tall Germans! But they do have some quality features and have a swivel action and use of castors to make movement easy, have a look at the Powerline. The Miele cylinders are a quality act and will not let you down as everything is so well engineered; we recommend the Cat & Dog Which? Best Buy for a few years.


Another quality German manufacturer Nilco are better known for their commercial cleaners used by professional cleaners. Nilco produce a quality range of tank cleaners, cylinders and hand held cleaners, If you want a robust hard working product then look at the NT21 and the S12, also they make a very powerful hand held cleaner the LHN18.


“I love my Henry” or is it Hetty? A very popular tank vacuum cleaner, great for easy cleaning, in particular mixed floor areas when you are moving from carpet or rugs to hard floor. If you do have a lot of fitted carpets then we don’t recommend Henry as you need a rotating brush best found in an upright. You won’t go wrong with the HVR200 , if you need to wash your carpets look at the George.


One of the biggest brands in electrical appliances which also make a range of uprights and cylinder cleaners. You won’t go wrong with the MC-UG302 which has had Which? Best Buy but it is a big cleaner so only recommended for a bigger house.


Samsung have been manufacturing vacuum cleaners for a long time but have only recently really developed a range suited to the UK market. The new range of upright cleaners are well made and come with some very interesting features, we suggest you look at the VU7000 2 in 1, it has a hand held cleaner which is detached from the top of the cleaner and uses the main electric cord so it works on full power every time and no need to recharge, fantastic for stairs, kitchen units, curtains and the inside of a car. whatvacuum really likes the cylinder F700 which has a combination of good features on this product, electronic controls on the handle, easy access tools on the handle and the ease of movement of the product.


A quality range of bagged upright, cylinder and stick vacuums. The designs are a bit 1950’s but they have some very strong features, in particular their automatic height selector on the upright vacuums and their electric power heads are one of the best in the market. We recommend the SEBO X4 Pet.


Thomas cleaners are new to the UK but are brand leaders in Germany and European countries the Thomas range is multi usage, they vacuum carpets, and hard floors wash them to a premium standard too. Washing laminates/hard/parquet/tiled and linoleum floors. We particularly recommend the Thomas Pet & Family and the new Crooser range the Eco. Also just introduced is the Pure Air range, which provides the AQUA+ filtration technology, this is available in both Allergy and Pet


Vax have the biggest range of vacuum cleaners, covering most price points in uprights, cylinders, handhelds and steam cleaners. Vax are constantly updating their range and if you want value for money Vax is well worth looking at. We recommend theV124A and the carpet washer W86DPR